Versational For Remote Teams.


Versational is an AI-driven conversation enablement platform that helps teams work better together. It helps teams uncover what people value, what matters, and what's actionable in conversations. It can transcribe, summarize, automate data entry, extract takeaways, let users share clips, and show ways to improve their conversations. It can also help sales teams raise rep close rates with value-based conversation intelligence and AI automation. Virtual education can be improved by recalling everything said and snipping what is important for study guides. Product marketing can be optimized by mining conversations for actionable insights. Training and onboarding can be done quickly by creating bite-sized video playlists. Project and program management can be done without attending every meeting while recruiting can be done quickly with candidate notes. Versational also has features such as automated note taking, AI-powered custom topic trackers, conversational feedback after every call, and more.




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