Stillgram™ - A.I. Travel Photo Camera App For Iphone®.


Stillgram is an app for iPhones that uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to take amazing travel photos. It can automatically remove background crowds from your photos, so you can get a clear view of the places you visit. The app also has a "PRO" version which allows you to tap on people in the photo to keep them in the picture. You can also take selfies with the app and it's optimized for iPhone's Neural Engine so your photos will be ready in a flash. With Stillgram, you can create "Live Stillgrams" which are short videos that start with a few seconds of a crowded place and then magically turn into a photo with no one but you in it. Finally, Stillgram also has tips and tricks to help you take the best photos possible.



#Photo & Image Editing

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