Convert Audio To Text With Rythmex Converter.


Rythmex is a website that provides an audio to text converter. It allows users to easily and quickly convert audio files into text formats such as .txt or .pdf. Rythmex supports multiple audio formats including MP3, XSPF, WMA, WAV, SWF, and OGG. The website also provides helpful tips on how to get the best results from their service as well as a comparison of how it is better than other similar services. It is easy to use, with users only needing to upload their audio file, edit the transcription in the Advanced Editor, use the "search & replace" function to edit a generous amount of text and then download the transcribed text in either .txt or .pdf format. Users can also get a 30 minute free trial before deciding whether it is the right service for them. Rythmex has been praised by many users for saving them time and providing them with an advanced technology that helps them remember ideas from lectures and interviews.



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