Roll Art Die

Stablediffusion On Your Apple Silicon Devices.

Roll Art Die

Roll Art Die is an app for Apple Silicon Devices that allows users to generate artworks using Artificial Intelligence. It requires no cloud subscription and runs locally, privately, and securely on the user's device. Examples of artworks that can be generated include a stone golem in a forest, a steampunk library, a sunset in a mountainous area, and a cyberpunk city. The app does not collect any data from users and all generated artworks are kept private. It takes 2-20 seconds to generate an artwork depending on the settings and machine used. Roll Art Die is aiming to become the go-to tool for AI artwork generation in professional workflows and empower new and existing artists. The AI model used is called Stable Diffusion Public Release. The app is made publicly available to help empower artists.



#Art & Image Generator

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