Quizwhiz - Generate Mcqs From Any Text.


QuizWhiz is a website that helps people generate multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from any text they provide. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify parts of the text which could be potential answers and generate questions based on them. It also creates additional 'distractor' options, which are context-aware and can differentiate between words with different meanings depending on the context. QuizWhiz offers three different pricing plans - Starter, Basic and Pro - which offer different amounts of runs (uses of the website) per month. Starter is free and suitable for individuals getting started, Basic costs $9 per month and offers up to 1000 runs per month, while Pro costs $18 per month and offers up to 5000 runs per month and a PDF file upload option. Users can contact QuizWhiz for feedback or queries at admin@quizwhiz.ai.




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