Natural Language Playlist

Natural Language Playlist.

Natural Language Playlist

Natural Language Playlist is a website created by Abelardo Riojas, a 23-year-old Data Science graduate student. It is a tool that helps people find new music based on their own descriptions of what they are looking for. This website uses Transformer language models to generate playlists that match the user's query, allowing them to explore obscure genres and hyper-specific lyrical themes. For example, someone can search for "Midwest Emo songs to cry in the shower to because my girlfriend broke up with me" or "Absolutely unlistenable songs. Music that doesn't even sound like music." They can also specify how popular the songs should be and what era or decade they should come from. Abelardo hopes that this website will help people discover new music and broaden their musical horizons. If you want to support Abelardo and this project, he has applied for an internship at Spotify and would appreciate it if you tweet about it. You can also follow Abelardo on Instagram and contact him for business inquiries via email or LinkedIn.




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