Icons, Illustrations, Photos, Music And Design Tools.


Icons8 is a website that provides users with free icons, clipart illustrations, photos, music, and design tools. It offers over 47 different styles of PNG and SVG icons. It also has a free app called Pichon which contains all the graphics available on the website. Users can drag and drop icons into other apps with the help of plugins. There are also features like Iconizer which allows users to edit SVG icons without any technical skills. Animated Icons, Line Awesome, Emoji Icons, Windows 11 Color Icons, Glyph Neue and iOS Glyph Icons are also available. Photos provided by Icons8 include Moose Studio stock photos, Mega Creator which allows users to create designs using high-quality graphics, Smart Upscaler which enhances image resolution with AI, Background Remover which removes the background from any photo and Face Swapper which can make production-quality face swaps. Illustrations include Ouch!, Illustrations from top Dribbble illustrators, Mega Creator for creating designs using a drag-n-drop library of high-quality graphics, Animated Illlustrations and Curated sets. AI-generated photos include AI Anonymizer which helps protect identity with generative media, Face Generator for generating unique expressive AI-generated faces in real time and Transparent PNG. Music features include Lunacy and PBR Textures. Other features include Search by Image and Coronavirus photos.




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