Beyond Availability And Prices, 3Rd Party Websites As A Data Source, Visual Website Monitoring, Competitor Tracking.


Hexowatch is a website that provides an AI sidekick to help you monitor any website for changes. You can check for visual, content, source code, technology, availability, or price changes. It works 24/7 to spot trends, spy on competitors, and keep an archive of every change. You can get started in minutes without any software or programming required. Hexowatch provides 13 different monitoring options based on your objectives and you can choose your frequency preference by week, day, hours or minutes. You can also choose your sensitivity setting and how you would like to be alerted (email, Slack, Telegram or Zapier). Finally, you can choose the location (US, EU or Asia) and Hexowatch will do the rest!



#Organization & Automation

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