H2O.Ai - Ai Cloud Platform.


H2O.ai is a cloud platform that provides solutions to help people use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It aims to provide easy access to AI technologies and empower people to make a positive impact with the help of AI. The platform offers various industry solutions and use cases such as financial services, government, health, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, retail and telecommunications. H2O.ai also provides solutions such as H2O Driverless AI, H2O-3 Open-Source Distributed Machine Learning, H2O Document AI, H2O Hydrogen Torch, H2O Wave Low-Code AI AppDev Framework, H2O AI Feature Store, H2O MLOps Model Hosting, Monitoring and Deployment and an industry and use case AI app store. It also has a Hospital Occupancy Simulator to track, predict and manage Covid-19 related hospital admissions. Finally, it helps companies become an AI company through its Strategic Transformation solutions. Customers can view all case studies related to the various industries and use cases.




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