GooseAI is a company that provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. They offer a fully managed NLP-as-a-Service delivered via API, at 30% the cost of other companies. This means that customers can switch to GooseAI and save money while still getting the same features as other companies. GooseAI offers various models, such as GPT-Neo 1.3B, Fairseq 1.3B, GPT-J 6B, Fairseq 6B, Fairseq 13B, and GPT-NeoX 20B. All of these models are available for different price points depending on the size of the customer's needs. GooseAI also offers various services such as text completion/generation, question/answer, and classification. Customers can try out GooseAI by signing up with their email address. The company is a joint venture between CoreWeave and Anlatan.




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