Creating 2D And 3D Floor Plans With Ai.


Getfloorplan is a website that offers a service to help people in the real estate industry create 2D and 3D floor plans with AI technology. It allows people to upload their floor plans and receive high quality materials, such as a basic 2D floor plan, 3D full color, and 360° virtual tours, within half an hour. The service also offers a budget-friendly option with low prices and fast delivery of up to 1,000 renders daily. Getfloorplan can help people boost their sales in real estate by providing materials that will make their listings stand out among others. Clients have reported an increase of up to 30% calls on their listings when they use the materials provided by Getfloorplan. Customers have praised the service for its ease of use and fast delivery time. People can try out the service by uploading a floor plan and receiving a 3D floor plan and virtual tour.



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