Flying Dog for Photoshop

Ai Superpower For Photos​Hop.

Flying Dog for Photoshop

Flying Dog for Photoshop is a powerful art and image generator software that helps designers speed up their workflow. It includes four AI connectors: three for Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2, and one for Automatic1111. The connectors help with tasks like text-to-image, inpainting, outpainting, image-to-image, and more. It also has modifiers library and background tasks to help manage multiple servers. The software is compatible with Windows or Linux PC and Mac users can use the cloud-based DALL-E 2 connector. It has been praised by people like Tom Traubitz and Christopher Marin for its great capabilities. The latest version also includes native Automatic1111 connector with Inpainting, Highres Fix, Face restoration and Tiling. To run Flying Dog for DALL-E 2 & Stable Diffusion, you need a decent NVidia graphic card and Photoshop v23.5 or higher.



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