The Ultimate Ai Story Generator.


Fabled.ai is a website that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help people create illustrated stories. It uses AI to generate stunning images and craft personal stories with just one sentence. Users can create their own virtual characters with the Hero Builder and receive weekly tales from around their hometown or any other place they choose. With Fabled.ai, users can also instantly create custom stories about any topic or theme, such as fairytales, bedtime stories, sci-fi, fantasy and romance. The website also allows users to make personalized kids stories, baby books, adult novels or fan-fiction by giving the AI writer a single sentence. Fabled.ai's mission is to help everyone discover their passion for reading by providing cognitive benefits such as boosting concentration, creativity and literacy. Users can get more credits by referring a friend and can set their books to either private or public mode so that they can be shared with others. If a book fails to generate properly, users can troubleshoot the issue on the FAQ page of the website.



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