Claid.Ai: Automated Photo Enhancer For Ugc. Web, Mobile & Printing.
Freemium is a website offering automated photo enhancement services for web, mobile, and printing. It uses AI technology to enlarge images without any quality loss, correct colors, increase resolution, and retouch product photos. It also helps to improve user-generated content (UGC) for any requirements and boost conversions in seconds through a simple API call. With the help of, customers can onboard vendors faster with simpler image requirements and create multiple image variants with just one image input. The website also offers features like Smart Frame which can increase conversions by 65%, Upscale (Face Restoration) which can improve perception score by 26%, and AI Color Correction which can increase purchase intent by 10%. has been loved by customers who care about visuals and has helped them solve big problems of improving the quality of their images automatically with no need for parameter changes.



#Photo & Image Editing

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