CF Spark

Creative Fabrica

CF Spark

Creative Fabrica is a website that provides crafting materials for people who want to get creative. It has a wide variety of fonts, graphics, and more for people to use in their projects. It also offers discounted products and freebies. The website offers several categories of items such as Script Fonts, Display Fonts, Graphics, 3D SVG, Home Crafts, Coloring Books Adults, Coloring Books Kids, Teaching Materials, Patterns and Product Mockups. It also has a Spark section where people can create art, texts and patterns. There is also a Crafts section which includes designs for needlework like embroidery, knitting patterns and cross stitch patterns as well as classes for quilting, embroidery and sewing. Finally there is the CF Premium section which includes tools like FontCloud, ShapeCloud and WebFont Generator. Creative Fabrica is perfect for anyone who loves to be creative and wants to find resources to help them make their projects come to life!




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