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ZeroBounce, an adept email validation plugin, takes the daunting task of sifting through and verifying email addresses to ensure they're legitimate. The tool swiftly weeds out inauthentic or invalid emails, leaving businesses to engage with genuinely interested parties only, thus elevating the efficiency of their campaigns. With ZeroBounce's intelligent systems, companies gain the advantage of reverse email lookup, which provides intricate details about an email's status, sub-status, and the account's general classification. It is armed with an integrated API that seamlessly integrates with different platforms, providing a smooth user experience. While its email validation activities are already a significant time-saver, ZeroBounce goes a step ahead offering additional features such as catch-all domain detection, and email abuse, spam trap and disposable email detection. As a valuable email verification tool, ZeroBounce takes considerable stress out of maintaining genuine and beneficial email communication, giving their clients peace of mind and more time to focus on their business operations.




Example Prompts


Can you validate this email address:


Check if the following emails are valid:,,


I need to verify if this email is correct:


Please validate these email addresses:,


Is this a valid email?


Can you check the validity of these emails:,,


Verify the following email address:


Validate these email addresses for me:,,


Is the email address valid?


Check the validity of these emails:,,

Description for AI

Plugin that can validate email addresses. Send the email address you want to validate and the Zerobounce API will validate it and return information on it.

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