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Z3 Checker

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The Z3 Checker is a highly efficient tool that performs an intricate task of calling Z3 verifier on an SMT-LIB specification. Its primary function is to decipher and verify the validity of formulas within the SMT-LIB standard language. This powerful tool, developed by Microsoft Research, has been designed with a focus on both performance and usability, ensuring that even complex verifications can be undertaken with ease. The Z3 Checker stands out due to its ability to handle a wide range of theories, providing users with a comprehensive solution for their verification needs. Its advanced algorithms and optimization techniques make it a robust and reliable tool, able to tackle even the most challenging verification tasks.




Example Prompts


Can you check the validity of this SMT-LIB specification?


I need to verify an SMT-LIB spec, can you help me with that?


I have an SMT-LIB file, can you run it through the Z


Can you confirm if this SMT-LIB syntax is correct?


Could you please check if this SMT-LIB formula is satisfiable using Z

Description for AI

Calls the Z3 verifier on an SMT-LIB specification.

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