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Introducing the YT Caption Retriever, a dynamic plugin designed to streamline the process of extracting captions from YouTube videos. By simply inputting a video's URL, users can instantly access the embedded captions, offering a valuable resource for translation and summarization purposes. The tool offers the flexibility to select the desired language and type of captions, with the default setting geared towards manual retrieval. It boasts a user-oriented approach by defaulting to the language used in the retrieval request, ensuring an intuitive and personalized experience. In the absence of manually created captions, the tool automatically retrieves auto-generated ones. A standout feature is its translation capability. In situations where English captions are not available, the tool takes the initiative to list available languages, retrieve the most translatable one, and independently execute the translation. Whether for content creators, translators, or video enthusiasts, the YT Caption Retriever offers a comprehensive solution for leveraging YouTube's vast video content in new and innovative ways.




Example Prompts


"Can you get the captions for this YouTube video? [URL]"


"What are the captions in Spanish for this YouTube video? [URL]"


"Could you fetch the captions in 'srt' format for this video? [URL]"


"I want to see the auto-generated captions for this video. [URL]"


"Get the manual captions for my video at [URL] in French."


"I want to download the captions in text format for this video [URL]."


"What languages are available for the captions of this YouTube video? [URL]"


"Show me the available languages for the captions of this video [URL]."


"Could you get me the available languages for the captions for my video at [URL]?"


"Can you tell me what languages are available for the captions of this YouTube video? [URL]"

Description for AI

Plugin for retrieving YouTube video captions. You can retrieve captions from any YouTube video by providing its URL. You can also use the caption for translating and summarizing the video. You can select which language and type to retrieve, the type has set to manual by default, and retrieve language which user's language used for retrieving request if there's no mention of it. If there's no manually created captions available, retrieve auto generated one. When being asked to translate, try to retrieve english caption, if there's none, list available language and retrieve the easiest one you can translate, then translate it by yourself.

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