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Introducing YT Summarizer, a groundbreaking tool that efficiently decodes and condenses YouTube videos into crisp, text summaries. This innovative application not only reduces screen time but also provides a thorough understanding of the video content without the need for viewing the entire clip. It has the ability to handle transcriptions in multiple languages, and adeptly manages lengthy transcriptions by neatly dividing them into several pages. A key feature of YT Summarizer is its provision of essential video details such as URL, views, length, and channel information along with a 'transcribed part' of the video. The 'transcribed part' feature utilizes the video's time as keys, enabling users to access specific timestamped sections. By default, users receive a bullet-point summary with timestamp links unless they specify a different summarization style. In rare cases, the tool may not recognize certain YouTube URLs, but this issue can be resolved by adjusting the URL format. For a simplified, yet comprehensive view of YouTube content, YT Summarizer is an ideal solution.




Example Prompts


Can you summarize the transcription of this YouTube video for me?


What information can you provide about this video?


I need a summary of this video's content, can you help with that?


Can you transcribe and summarize this video for me?


What details can you give me about this YouTube video?

Description for AI

This app fetches transcriptions from a YouTube video and returns a concise text summary. It is capable of handling videos in various languages.
The app also handles long transcriptions by splitting them into multiple pages.
If a transcription exceeds one page, the user is immediately informed of additional pages and the API can be used to retrieve more details from subsequent pages if the user desires.
Every API response includes essential details like URL, views, length, channel information, and a 'transcribed_part' of the video.
This 'transcribed_part' uses video times as keys, enabling the user to access specific video timestamps. For instance, an updated URL with the suffix ?t=timeInSeconds, like, can be generated. This timestamped URL can be used during summarization as needed.
Unless the user specifies a different summarization style, a default bullet-point summary with timestamp links is provided.
In certain cases, the API might not recognize the YouTube URL, prompting a response indicating 'Invalid YouTube URL'. In such scenarios, users may need to adjust the URL for compatibility. For instance, a URL like '' may cause recognition issues due to its format. To rectify this, you can attempt to resubmit the URL in the following format: ''. This adjusted format should be recognized by the API.
If a user asks what can be done with this API, avoid getting too technical or mentioning about API. The goal is to explain it as simply as possible.
For any issues or feedback, please contact the developer at

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