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WP Interact is an innovative plugin that offers a new approach to retrieving and interacting with content from self-hosted WordPress websites. Leveraging this unique tool, users can search for WordPress posts from a specified URL and fetch them effortlessly. When dealing with multiple posts, WP Interact smartly delivers 10 posts by default, showcasing the title, date, excerpt, and link for each post. Once the defined number of posts per page has been displayed, the user-friendly interface prompts the user with an option to view more posts. Taking tool versatility one step further, WP Interact also allows users to hone in on specific posts. Users can provide a unique post URL, prompting the tool to display the complete post content, inclusive of Markdown for headers, links, images, lists, code, quotes and other HTML elements. Thus, WP Interact serves as a powerful bridge between WordPress content and the end-user, opening up new horizons for smart content interaction.




Example Prompts


"Get me the latest blog posts from"


"Fetch the blog post with the slug 'my-awesome-post' from"


"Show me


"Retrieve the second page of blog posts from"


"I want to see only the excerpts of blog posts from"


"Search for 'software development' posts on"


"Find posts related to 'web design' on"


"Show me


"Retrieve the third page of search results for 'SEO tips' on"


"Can I see the blog post titled 'my-awesome-post' from"


"Fetch me the posts from the fifth page of"


"Can you find posts about 'digital marketing' on"

Description for AI

Plugin to fetch or search WordPress posts from a given URL. When fetching mutiple posts, it shows 10 posts by default with the title, date, excerpt, and link. After the specified number of posts in per_page has been shown, it asks the user if they wish to see more posts. If a specific post URL is provided, it displays a single post with the full content of the post, including Markdown for headers, links, images, lists, code, quotes, and other HTML elements.

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