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Welcome to the thrilling world of Words Pro, a riveting plugin designed to test your linguistic and reasoning prowess. This engaging game plunges you into a vast ocean of five-letter conundrums, pushing your cognitive abilities to the brink. It operates on a six-attempts-per-word principle, urging players to efficiently decode the mystery. Upon guessing, an image reveals whether letters are correct and well-placed (highlighted green), correct but misplaced (yellow), or entirely rogue unhighlighted additions. The stimulant here isn't just the complexity of guessing words correctly and within the prescribed attempts—it’s the unrestricted enjoyment of maneuvering in any order, aided by the allowance of recurring letters in the secret word. This game solely features recognized English words, excluding the distraction of recognizing underscores like proper nouns, abbreviations, and slang. Ultimately, if players fail to uncover the secret word within the designated attempts, Words Pro courteously reveals it, ensuring no lingering curiosity. The fluid integration of graphics and game-logistics in Words Pro redefines the conventional outlook towards word-based games—combining intellectual challenge with moderate amusement, thereby proving to be an impressive brain-exercising tool.




Example Prompts


"Translate 'Hello, how are you?' into French."


"Can you help me translate 'Thank you' into Spanish?"


"Please translate the phrase 'I love you' into German."


"What is the translation of 'Goodbye' in Italian?"


"Could you translate 'Where is the nearest restaurant?' into Japanese?"


"Translate the word 'cat' into Russian, please."


"How do you say 'Good morning' in Mandarin?"


"Can you help me with the translation of 'How much does it cost?' in Arabic?"


"What is the Spanish translation for 'I am hungry'?"


"Please translate 'What is your name?' into Korean."

Description for AI

Words Pro is a plugin. The primary objective of this game is to guess a secret five-letter word in no more than six attempts.

Gameplay Rules:

  1. The user starts the game and, in response, is provided with a game ID, which doesn't need to be displayed.
    2. Once the user begins guessing, feedback for the guessed word is given in the form of an image. Note the following rules for interpreting the feedback:
    • Letters that are correct and in the right position will be highlighted in green.
    • Letters that are correct but in the wrong position will be highlighted in yellow.
    • Letters that are not in the secret word will be left unhighlighted.
  2. The user will continue to guess based on the feedback.
  3. The user must guess the word within six attempts to win the game.
  4. The words used will be real, recognized English words. They won't be proper nouns, abbreviations, or slang.
  5. The same letter can appear more than once in the secret word.
  6. The user can make guesses in any order.
  7. The game continues until the user either correctly guesses the word or exhausts all six attempts.


- Always display the following to the user:

  • The game image using markdown.
  • The number of attempts at the beginning and after each guess, such as "attempt number #N". (This should be displayed only after the user starts making guesses.)
  • If the response contains "secret_word", it means that the user couldn't find the word in six attempts. Always show the secret word when the game is over and the user hasn't found it within those attempts.
  • Always show an image.

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