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Meet "Word Counter," a text analysis tool with a remarkably simple yet powerful function — it calculates the number of words and characters in any given text. This powerful API accepts input via a POST /count, where users can submit their desired text for an accurate breakdown: the total number of words, characters with spaces, and characters without spaces. Its unique offering is that it not only computes a standard word count but also offers a meticulous summary of characters used. Users have found the functionality to be immensely useful when asked to draft text within specific word, line, or character limits. Before confirming the count, users can preview and adjust the draft, ensuring it meets the criteria precisely. The tool then hinges on the API to call out the count in a new message. Running on its deep-seated engine, Word Counter ensures a thorough, clear-cut, and accurate analysis. Blending simplicity with precision, the Word Counter tool empowers writers, SEO experts, and digital content creators to accomplish their text objectives seamlessly.




Example Prompts


"Can you help me make a reservation at a restaurant?"


"I need assistance booking a flight for next week."


"Could you find a hotel room for me in New York City?"


"Can you help me rent a car for the weekend?"


"I'm looking for a plumber to fix a leak in my bathroom."


"I need help finding a reliable babysitter for Saturday night."


"Could you assist me in finding a dog grooming service in my area?"


"I'm interested in hiring a personal trainer. Can you recommend someone?"


"Can you help me find a reputable mechanic to fix my car?"


"I'm looking for a professional cleaner to deep clean my apartment."

Description for AI

Count the number of words, and characters (with and without spaces). The API accepts text input through POST /count containing the text to be counted and returns a JSON response with the number of 'words', 'characters_no_spaces', and 'characters_with_spaces'. If the user is asking you to write a text with certain number of words, lines or characters, first write and show the text for the user, then, in the end of the message, ask if that text is fine to be counted. Only then, call the API in a new message.

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