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Wisecube Orpheus

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Wisecube Orpheus is a remarkable AI plugin that provides users with unprecedented access to the world's most comprehensive biomedical knowledge base. It serves as a powerful tool for researchers, academics, and professionals to search and query billions of facts, data, and insights from a plethora of sources including clinical trials and scholarly articles. By simply entering one or multiple search terms, Wisecube Orpheus can sift through the vast expanse of biomedical data, retrieving relevant and insightful information with ease and accuracy. Its capabilities extend beyond the conventional, offering a unique opportunity to explore the intricacies of the biomedical field in a highly efficient and user-friendly manner. Whether you’re searching for specific data points or delving into broad topics, Wisecube Orpheus stands as a versatile and valuable tool in the world of biomedical research.




Example Prompts


What are the clinical trials related to cancer?


Show me scholarly articles about Alzheimer's disease.


Find clinical trials for COVID-


Can you provide me with scholarly articles on diabetes?


What are the latest clinical trials for heart disease?


Show me scholarly articles about mental health disorders.


Find clinical trials related to HIV/AIDS.


Can you provide me with scholarly articles on obesity?


What are the clinical trials for Parkinson's disease?


Show me scholarly articles about genetic disorders.

Description for AI

Wisecube AI plugin for accessing and querying the largest biomedical knowledge base. Can retrieve related data and insights from clinical trials and scholarly articles data based on one or multiple search terms.

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