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What To Watch is a comprehensive tool geared towards streamlining your viewing experience by providing an amalgamation of services. Bridging the gap between indecision and information overflow, this utility tool curates real-time data on currently running TV shows and movies in a user-friendly format. By offering personalized recommendations based on your preferences, it efficiently navigates through the ever-expanding universe of digital content. One of the standout features of What To Watch is its ability to collate streaming information across various platforms. This feature-rich tool demystifies the often perplexing maze of online streaming, ensuring you always have pertinent information at your fingertips - such as top-rated shows, popular movies, or even sneak peeks at upcoming releases. Not just a digital guide, What To Watch also prides itself on being an interactive platform—providing users the opportunity to be part of a community that has shared viewing interests.




Example Prompts


Can you give me the details of the show "Breaking Bad"?


I want to search for shows with the name "Friends".


Can you suggest some shows similar to "Stranger Things"?


Where can I stream "Game of Thrones" in Canada?


Search for a movie called "Inception".


Suggest some movies like "The Shawshank Redemption".


Where can I watch "Parasite" online in the US?


Show me the list of upcoming movies.


Can you give me the top-rated movies?


What are the popular movies right now?


Can you list the movies that are currently playing in theaters?

Description for AI

Retrieves current TV show and movie information, recommendations, and streaming information. Good for when you don't know what show or movie someone is talking about or want to give them up to date movie availability. You can also find out current movie info like top rated, popular, and upcoming movies.

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