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Introducing Website Performance, a cutting-edge tool powered by Google's Lighthouse project, that offers vital insights into the inner workings of your website. With the ability to measure a host of key metrics such as performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, and PWA for any given URL, this innovative resource revolutionizes your optimization strategy. Providing a comprehensive Lighthouse report, Website Performance meticulously examines each URL to provide actionable recommendations on improving these metrics. Not only will you receive a detailed analysis of all test categories, but also a list of potential opportunities for savings in bytes or milliseconds, bolstering your digital presence in the ever-evolving world of online competition. Remaining unbiased and neutral in tone, this in-depth analysis holds your hand through the complex labyrinth of website optimization, ensuring your competitive edge, and creating a seamless user experience for your visitors.




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Measures website and returns key metrics about a site's accessibility, best practices, performance, PWA information, and SEO, from a performance standpoint. This API is powered by Google's Lighthouse project. You can get a Lighthouse report with main metrics for any given URL. You must prefix URLs with https:// if missing. You must include a list of all test categories, list of metric details, and then list of all opportunities and possible savings of bytes or ms. Include all metrics in your response. Suggest improvements on measured metrics. Include the URL being tested and a full report URL in your response.

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