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Web Search AI is a revolutionary tool that streamlines the online search process by leveraging artificial intelligence to browse the web in real time. This advanced technology allows users to input a search query or a list of URLs for the AI to scrape, providing them with a comprehensive and concise summary of the content. Unlike traditional search methods, Web Search AI eliminates the need for manual browsing and reading, saving users valuable time and increasing efficiency. Additionally, the tool's ability to deliver interactive answers enhances user engagement, making it a powerful resource for individuals and businesses alike. With its unique blend of AI and real-time search capabilities, Web Search AI is reshaping the way we navigate the digital world.




Example Prompts


"Can you find me some information on the history of the Eiffel Tower?"


"Please search for some articles about the benefits of yoga."


"I need information on the latest iPhone model."


"Can you find some health benefits of drinking green tea?"


"Search for some popular tourist destinations in Japan."


"Please look up some interesting facts about Mars."


"Find me some information on how to grow tomatoes."


"I need some recipes for vegan desserts."


"Search for some recent news about Tesla."


"Can you find information on the life cycle of a butterfly?"

Description for AI

Use the web_search_ai plugin to browse the web. Provide a search query or a list of URLs to scrape. We will provide summarized content for you to build useful and interactive answers.

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