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Introducing Web Reader, a highly efficient and resourceful tool designed to empower users by simplifying the process of extracting and querying data from an array of sources, making it an indispensable addition to any digital workflow. With its robust feature set, Web Reader can effortlessly access information from URLs and a plethora of file formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, along with compatibility for Google Drive and more, catering to a user's diverse data requirements. So whether you're working on a research project, scraping webpages for valuable insights, or seeking ways to streamline data-driven tasks, Web Reader's capabilities equip you with an unparalleled versatility, making the arduous task of data extraction feel like a breeze. Claiming a neutral stance, we simply can't ignore Web Reader's potential in revolutionizing the way we acquire and utilize data in our daily digital endeavors.




Example Prompts


Can you please read the content of this website for me?


Extract the relevant information from this PDF file:


Read the text from this Google Drive document:


Fetch the content from this Dropbox link:


Get the data from this OneDrive file: https://


Retrieve the content of this doc:


Please read the following webpage and filter the content based on the query "climate change":


Extract information from this PDF file, but only from pages


Read the content of this HTML page:


Fetch the text from this PowerPoint presentation:

Description for AI

Help the user extract and query data from an URL.

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