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WebDev is a revolutionary platform that brings incredible efficiency and speed to website creation. It allows you to construct a full-fledged, live website in mere seconds, all from the convenience of a chat interface. The standout characteristic of this tool is its capacity for real-time previews; you can test HTML code as well as JavaScript and CSS instantly without having to go through tedious compiling and rendering processes. This truly sets WebDev apart, removing steps that were once necessary and making the impossible, possible. Not only does it provide a robust testing environment, but it also simultaneously offers a powerful web development platform. Whether you're a beginner dipping your toes into web development or a seasoned coder looking to speed up the process, WebDev meets a wide range of needs with remarkable efficacy. The streamlined interface and live preview capability make it a standout in the realm of web development tools.




Example Prompts


"Can you create a website with these HTML, CSS, and JS files?"


"I need to preview my project, here are the necessary files."


"Please generate a website from these code files."


"I've got these HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Can you help me turn them into a website?"


"Create a web page using these files."


"Use these files to build a website for me."


"Can you convert these HTML, CSS, and JS files into a live website?"


"Upload these HTML, CSS, and JS files and provide me a link to see the result."


"I have coded some files. Can you help me see how they look in a browser?"


"Turn these code files into a live website and show me a preview."

Description for AI

Build a live website within seconds directly from the chat and preview and test HTML code with JavaScript and CSS.

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