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Water Tracker is an innovative tool committed to promoting and maintaining optimal health by keeping track of your daily water intake. With the escalating necessity of good hydration for overall well-being, this tool steps up as a comprehensive solution to keep accurate records of your fluid consumption. It's not just about logging in the number of cups or liters you've gulped down; Water Tracker offers the facility of viewing your drinking statistics, providing an insightful perspective on your hydration patterns. This feature makes it easier to identify if you're meeting the recommended daily water intake, or if there's room for improvement. With its easy-to-use interface and detailed data analysis, Water Tracker simplifies the process of staying hydrated, paving the way towards a healthier lifestyle.




Example Prompts


"Add a drink record: name: Coke, emoji: 🥤, total amount:


"What is the target amount of drinking water?"


"Set the target amount of drinking water to


"Show me the water drinking records for today"


"What are the details of my water drinking today?"


"Can you provide a progress image for my water drinking target?"


"How can I drink more water?"


"Give me the URL for more details about water drinking"

Description for AI

A tool for Drinking water record, you can add, view your drinking water statistics.

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