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VOMO is an innovative digital tool that challenges the way we usually handle conversations and note-taking. It brings an effortless method of recording details and storing them seamlessly, providing a breath of fresh air to the way we interact with our digital tasks. Users simply have to type 'record' or 'create' for the system to begin gathering information. Whether it's an important business meeting or a casual chat worth remembering, an easy prompt and VOMO takes care of the note-taking, incorporating a simplistic yet efficient approach to data collection. Additionally, the feature 'save to vomo' can be used to preserve complete conversations, enabling you to revisit your dialogues with convenience and ease. VOMO doesn’t only streamline your life but transforms the manner in which you capture and access information, eliminating the hassle of traditional note-taking and heralding a new era in digital record keeping.




Example Prompts


"Save this note: Meeting scheduled for


"Please save the following note: Buy groceries after work"


"Save the note: Call mom at


"I want to save a note: Finish the presentation by tonight"


"Can you save this note for me? Reminder to book flight tickets for the conference"


"Save this: John's birthday party at


"Save note: Appointment with the dentist on Friday"


"Please save: Yoga class every morning at


"I'd like you to save the following note: Start diet from Monday"


"Can you save a note for me? Need to pick up the kids from school at

Description for AI

Type 'record' or 'create' to take notes and save them to VOMO. Type 'save to vomo' to save the current conversation.

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