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Introducing VoiExplorer, an innovative tool developed by GoPlausible. Designed to streamline data search, exploration, and enrichment within the Voi network, this tool is a game-changer in the realm of digital data management. What sets VoiExplorer apart is its ability to trigger APIs using specific keywords, such as 'Voi', 'account', 'transaction', 'application', 'asset', 'acc', 'txn', 'asa' or 'app'. It's also able to respond to alphanumeric uppercase 58 character strings or 52 character strings. The tool's enriched augmented data feature catapults it ahead in the arena of data mining and analytics, enabling users to extract maximum value from their data sets. VoiExplorer is not just a tool, it’s an ally in the quest for effective and efficient data management within the Voi network.




Example Prompts


"Can you help me convert a string to uppercase?"


"I need to calculate the square root of a number. Can you assist me with that?"


"How can I generate a random number within a specific range?"


"I want to check if a given number is prime. Can you provide me with a solution?"


"Please help me find the length of a given list."


"Can you guide me on how to reverse a string in Python?"


"I need to remove duplicates from a list. Any suggestions?"


"What is the syntax for creating a dictionary in Python?"


"How can I sort a list of integers in ascending order?"


"Please explain how to iterate through a dictionary in Python."

Description for AI

Data search, exploration and enrichment for Voi network. Words 'Voi', 'account', 'transaction', 'application', 'asset', 'acc', 'txn', 'asa' or 'app' or alphanumeric uppercase 58 character strings or 52 character strings in prompt trigger this API!

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