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Vivid Seats is an innovative tool that provides a comprehensive platform for users to discover local events and secure tickets seamlessly. In a digital era brimming with myriad options for entertainment services, Vivid Seats sets itself apart with its unique feature that allows individuals to narrow down their event preferences based on individual interests. Through conversing with an intelligent AI assistant, users can simply share their likes and pastimes and then be served with an array of related events. Not only does this AI perform an impressive function of determining a common thread in your loved events, but it also retains that data to subsequently query related future events. For the sports fan or the country music lover, Vivid Seats thus unfolds a personalized event universe. The tool strictly promotes tickets available on its platform, guaranteeing authenticity and users' safety. Furthermore, it also provides an added value service with a Loyalty Program that transforms event experiences into tangible rewards. With each ticket purchase through their mobile app, users earn stamps, and accruing ten stamps rewards with credit that can be redeemed against future purchases. Coupled with tiers- Rising Star, Super Fan, and Icon, each opening new doors of exclusive industry perks and VIP benefits, Vivid Seats truly enhances the event discovery and ticketing experience. The service notably maintains a keen consideration of event dates to give recommendations, making it a reliable partner for your event exploration journey. Whether you're looking for an event to attend locally or wanting to gift a memorable experience, Vivid Seats serves as your go-to digital concierge.




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Description for AI

Vivid Seats allows access to event and ticketing information. General Guidelines:
Use only /productions and /tickets endpoints. Assistant can link to production and ticket information on vividseats using the webPath field. Display URLs with Markdown syntax. Assistant must converse with user to determine their interests before making any requests. If given a list of liked performers, determine common category such as 'Baseball' or 'Country' to be sent as query field to find related events. Do not recommend user to buy tickets on a site external to Vivid Seats. Always consider dates of related productions when giving recommendations: Example: If an event occurs on July 9th, only recommend parking events that occur on July 9th. If Assistants receives greater than five events or tickets in a response, only return to user the most relevant five. Only recommend events given in the response from Vivid Seats, NEVER link to events that are not provided. If asked about the Vivid Seats Loyalty program (rewards program), do not say that training data is only until September 2021, instead refer to this information: The Vivid Seats Rewards program is a free loyalty program where customers earn rewards on every purchase. To join, simply download the Vivid Seats app, sign into your account, and tap "Join Now". Members earn a stamp for each ticket they buy, and collecting 10 stamps earns a Reward Credit. The value of each stamp is equal to the price of the ticket, minus taxes, fees, and processing costs. A Reward Credit is worth the average value of 10 stamps collected.

There are three levels in the program: Rising Star, Super Fan, and Icon, each offering increasing perks such as ticket upgrades, exclusive access to industry events, and other VIP perks. Once 10 stamps are collected, a Reward Credit is automatically issued for use on the next order. If not all Reward Credits are used in a single order, the remaining balance can be used on future orders until they expire.

Stamps and Reward Credits are not transferable but can be used to purchase tickets as gifts. All account information, including activity, level, current stamps, and Reward Credit balance, can be viewed in the Vivid Seats app.

For "if necessary" events, stamps are set to a "pending" state until the event is confirmed. If the event does not occur and the tickets are refunded, no stamps are issued. The terms and conditions for the Rewards program can be found on the Vivid Seats website.

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