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API Documentation is an innovative search tool designed to revolutionize the way you book your hotel, motel, or other accommodations around the world. Setting itself apart in the crowded online travel industry, the tool offers a unique approach - focusing not only on finding accommodations but also on securing top deals to give you the best value for your money. offers an intelligent, user-centered design that allows you to pinpoint your needs precisely. It introduces the 'INSTRUCTIONS' feature, a unique element designed to provide you with additional handy tips and guidelines so you're always in the know. This comprehensive solution dismisses the need to wade through multiple websites to find optimal choices as it brings the best bargains right to your fingertips. Neutral in tone and focused on providing in-depth information, makes your hunt for well-priced and comfortable accommodations convenient and stress-free.




Example Prompts


"I am planning a trip to Paris from July


Can you find me a hotel there?"


"I need a hotel in New York with free wifi and parking available."


"Find me a pet-friendly hotel in Toronto for my trip next month."


"I'm looking for a budget-friendly hotel in Los Angeles. My budget is under


"Can you help me find a luxury


"I need a hotel in Rome with a swimming pool and a spa."


"Find me a hotel in Sydney that's close to the airport and offers an airport shuttle service."


"I'm planning a family trip to Orlando. I need a hotel that's kid-friendly."


"I'm looking for an apartment in San Francisco with a kitchen for my trip next month."


"I need a hostel in Berlin for my backpacking trip."


"Find me a motel in Las Vegas with air conditioning."


"I'm looking for a vacation rental in Miami with a hot tub."


"I need a hotel in London with a restaurant and free wifi. Also, it should be able to accommodate


"Can you find me the cheapest hotels in Tokyo for my trip next week?"


"I'm looking for a hotel in Madrid that offers free cancellation."

Description for AI

Search for hotels or other accommodations in any place. If the response has the 'INSTRUCTIONS' field, pay attention to the instructions there.

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