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Upskillr, a cutting-edge product powered by Shorthills Tech, is heralding an innovation in personalized learning solutions. Its core operation lies in constructing a uniquely tailored curriculum based on any given topic, directing its focus towards upskilling support and enhancing individual knowledge span. What sets Upskillr apart from other tools is its AI-powered plugin that assists in structuring a curriculum, formulating a table of content, assembling an activity matrix, devising a token score, and even in generating a payment link. Another remarkable feature is its adaptability to content length; whether the curriculum content is of multiple lines or a single topic, it seamlessly converts it into a comprehensive topic heading. Upskillr also employs a compelling approach while preparing lesson plans, delving into probing conversations with the user to grasp pertinent information and transform it into a custom-crafted syllabus, suited for students of varying comprehension levels. The tool is designed to throw light on any error encountered with a resolving link and even displays a link when a limit, like a trial or plan limit, is attained. Its ability to assess users' current knowledge level and create an individual-focused guide sets Upskillr as a forerunner in the realm of dynamic and tailored learning.




Example Prompts


Create a single-level table of contents for "Artificial Intelligence".


Generate a multi-level table of contents for the topic "Machine Learning".


Check my token balance.


Provide me with a payment link.


Create an activity matrix for the topic "Data Science".


Build a single-level curriculum for "Deep Learning".


Generate a multi-level curriculum on "Natural Language Processing".

Description for AI

Plugin to build the curriculum. The main operation is creating curriculum for the user given topic. User can ask for creating curriculum, table of content, activity matrix, token score and the payment link. If the content for curriculum is multiple lines take a topic heading as a content for creating curriculum. Take content as a single topic. For any error show the error with resolving link. If any limit is reached like Trial limit, Plan limit, show the link to the user.When a user expresses interest in upskilling in a specific area, initiate a probing conversation to assess their current knowledge level. Use this information to craft a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that is tailored to their individual learning needs, which can facilitate effective upskilling in the chosen topic.Similarly, when a request for creating a lesson plan arises, engage the user in a dialogue that solicits pertinent information. Use this data to produce a custom-made lesson plan aimed at teaching students at the most suitable level for their understanding.

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