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Introducing the TypeScript Analyzer, a state-of-the-art tool specifically engineered to streamline your coding experience. This ingenious tool is capable of dissecting and evaluating TypeScript, JSX/TSX, and JavaScript files with laser-like precision. Whether you're looking for linting, autocompletion, error checking, or type checking, TypeScript Analyzer has got you covered. But it doesn't stop there. In addition to these core features, it proffers tooltips, aiding developers to understand complex code fragments. One standout feature is its support for twoslash comments, a unique aspect that sets it apart from its competitors. Though it's worth noting that while this tool excels in code analysis, it does not execute or run the provided code. TypeScript Analyzer is a testament to the evolution of coding tools, offering an advanced suite of features to aid in the development and debugging process.




Example Prompts


"Can you analyze this TypeScript code for me? 'const x: number = "hello"'"


"What is the result of TypeScript analysis on the following JavaScript code: 'const y = true; y = false;'"


"Could you check this code for errors? 'let z: string =


"Analyze my TypeScript code: 'function greet(name: string) { return "Hello, " + name; }; greet(


"I need an analysis on this JavaScript code: 'let num = "five"; num++;'"


"Can you run a Twoslash analysis on this code? 'const flag: boolean = "false";'"


"What does TypeScript Twoslash return for this code? 'let arr = []; arr.push("one"); arr.push(


"Run a TypeScript analysis for this code: 'let sum =


"Analyze this TypeScript code for errors: 'const obj: object = "hello";'"


"Perform a Twoslash analysis on this JavaScript code: 'let x =

Description for AI

Processes TypeScript code, offering linting, autocomplete, error/type checks, and tooltips. It does not execute/run the provided code, it only analyzes it. Also, it supports twoslash comments.

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