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API Documentation emerges as a new-era tool for wellness travelers, functioning as a bustling online marketplace for wellness holidays. Effortlessly blending the concepts of travel and holistic health, it brings forth a myriad of opportunities for global explorers to plan and book wellness retreats around the globe with a few clicks. Alongside, an AI-integrated plugin is also offered by Trambellir that works as a smart search engine, which aids users in discovering a wide array of treatment information. This feature allows prospective travelers to acquire detailed insights into various wellness programs, therapies, and health retreat options. Demonstrating an edge over traditional booking sites, synthesizes salubrious travel planning with a user-friendly interface, thus attributing to its uniqueness. The concept of combining wellness and travel into a seamless, digital experience represents the innovative vision of, delivering valuable resources to wellness seekers without stepping away from their desks.




Example Prompts


Show me a list of treatments in Thailand.


Give me the details of the dental bonding treatment.


Can you find treatments in Kuala Lumpur under cosmetic dermatology?


What are the available treatments in Tokyo for hair removal?


List the top treatments in the wellness category sorted by price in ascending order.


Can you provide information on the general check-up treatment in Phuket?


Display all the treatments related to men's health in Singapore.


Are there any mental health treatments available in Bangkok?


Find hair and hair removal treatments in Seoul.


Show me a list of spa and wellness treatments in Bali.

Description for AI

Plugin for searching trambellir treatment information.

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