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B12 No-code AI

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The B12 No-code AI is an innovative tool designed to revolutionize your business by integrating advanced artificial intelligence capabilities without the need for complex coding. This plugin generates bespoke AI tools tailored to transform various aspects of your business, from lead generation and data analysis to enhancing operational efficiency. The tool offers the unique advantage of unlocking everyday efficiencies, facilitating the discovery of new insights, and tackling industry-specific tasks with greater precision. One of the standout features of B12 No-code AI is its user-friendly interface which requires only the email address of the requesting user to create a customized AI tool. This revolutionary tool promises to redefine how businesses leverage AI, making it accessible and practical regardless of your tech-savvy level.




Example Prompts


Can you recommend a good restaurant in the area?


What's the weather forecast for tomorrow?


How do I reset my password for this website?


What's the latest news about the stock market?


Can you book me a flight to New York for next week?


How do I file a complaint with customer service?


Can you give me some tips for improving my website's SEO?


What's the best way to prepare for a job interview?


Can you help me find a gift for my friend's birthday?


How do I cancel my subscription to this service?

Description for AI

Plugin for generating AI tools for transforming your business. These tools can be used to unlock new everyday efficiencies for everything from attracting leads, discovering new ideas, analyzing data, and tackling tasks specific to your industry. Before creating the tool ask for the email address of the requesting user.

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