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Toolblox is an innovative platform that transforms free text into smart contracts, making the management of processes and workflows on blockchain technology seamless and user-friendly. The tool allows users to describe their workflow in plain English, even if they're missing some details, and regardless, Toolblox is capable of generating a smart contract. For instance, a user might describe a process like 'Create a workflow that manages sales orders within a department', and Toolblox generates a smart contract that encapsulates this process. This unique approach simplifies the creation and deployment of smart contracts onto any blockchain. The result? A unique URL to manage your smart contract, complete with an image for visual representation. While the idea of self-executing smart contracts might sound complex, Toolblox presents it in a way that makes sense, providing users with a clear visualization and understanding of their workflows and why they're beneficial on a blockchain. With Toolblox, the power of blockchain technology becomes accessible and usable, even for the uninitiated.




Example Prompts


Create a workflow to manage a car rental process, from reservation to return, including customer verification and payment processing.


Design a smart contract for an online marketplace that handles product listings, purchasing, shipping, and customer reviews.


Set up a workflow for a job application process, starting with the submission of a resume, through interviews and reference checks, and ending with the final hiring decision.


Develop a smart contract for a supply chain management system, tracking the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the end consumer, with quality control checks at each stage.


Create a workflow to manage a crowdfunding campaign, including the collection of funds, the distribution of rewards, and the provision of project updates to backers.


Design a smart contract for a decentralized voting system, allowing users to vote securely and anonymously, with the ability to audit the results.


Build a workflow for a real estate transaction, from property listing to closing, including inspections, appraisals, and escrow services.


Set up a smart contract for a peer-to-peer lending platform, facilitating the borrowing and lending of funds between users, with built-in interest rates and repayment terms.


Create a workflow for a customer support ticket system, allowing users to submit issues, track the progress of their tickets, and receive resolutions from support agents.


Design a smart contract for an insurance claims process, automating the submission, evaluation, and payment of claims, with fraud detection measures in place.

Description for AI

Useful for creating smart-contract workflows. Users can describe in free text (not structured json) their flow by issuing statements like 'Create a workflow that manages sales orders within a department'. Users should to describe an asset, its lifecycle and the stakeholders but even if some info is missing, it is a valid input. As long as it seems to describe some kind of process, activity or scenario. In return they get an URL to manage the smart-contract further and deploy it onto a blockchain. Please respond with a friendly summary of what the smart contract does (based on the provided spec), show the image (provided in the response as imageUrl) and provide a brief description of why it makes sense to have this workflow as a self-executing smart contract on blockchain.

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