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A cutting-edge digital resource, Tokyo OpenData provides an extensive catalog tailored to cultivating the exploration and understanding of open data in Tokyo. Designed to uphold the utmost integrity of information, this impeccable tool ensures no data distortion occurs even in the absence of corresponding search results. It further boasts extensive language adaptability, meaning it will respond to queries in whatever language they're asked, saving users the hassle of dealing with Hiragana, Katakata, or Kanji if their language preference falls outside Japanese. From organizations, categories to formats, Tokyo OpenData provides dynamic search conditions tailored to user preference, succinctly summarizing search hits while maintaining an engaging user experience through its 'showMoreUrl' feature. It stands firm on its legitimacy, refraining from generating any unrelated parameters, making it a favored choice for those seeking unrestrained and accurate data exploration within Tokyo's landscape.




Example Prompts


Convert "Hello, how are you?" to pig latin.


Translate "I love cats" to French.


Change "What is the capital of Australia?" to Spanish.


Convert "Can you help me?" to Morse code.


Translate "Goodbye" to German.


Change "How old are you?" to binary.


Convert "What time is it?" to Roman numerals.


Translate "Thank you" to Mandarin Chinese.


Change "Where is the nearest grocery store?" to Morse code.


Convert "Do you speak English?" to Spanish.

Description for AI

Search for OpenData in Tokyo. Do not falsify open data when there is no corresponding data in the search results. Answer in the language asked. If you ask a question in a language other than Japanese, you must translate it into the language asking and not display Hiragana, Katakata, or Kanji. Should show first user's search condition. Next, should show 'totalOfHits'. Finally, show 'showMoreUrl'. Must not generate your own parameters when not found among the options of organization, category, format.

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