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Tint Bolt emerges as an avant-garde administrative tool, specifically designed to streamline daily operations for automotive window tinting businesses. This cutting-edge platform leverages advanced AI capabilities, integrating seamlessly with chatGPT to offer a personalized, human-like interaction for users. Tint Bolt not only simplifies the complexities of managing a business but also offers vital data analysis and insights, enabling businesses to thrive and expand. With its intuitive features, Tint Bolt acts as an interactive assistant, offering users valuable information about their enterprise, thereby making business operations smoother and more efficient. This tool stands out in its ability to imbue a sense of interacting with a real person while providing critical assistance in running a business effectively.




Example Prompts


"Can you show me the leads for March


"What are the available time slots for bookings on February


"Can you provide a list of the vehicle types available for booking?"


"I want to see the bookings for January


"Create a new booking for a Honda Accord


"What are the time slots available for March


"Can you pull up the leads for the month of December in


"I'd like to make a booking for a Toyota Camry


"Show me the bookings for the first week of May


"What types of vehicles can be booked through Tint Bolt?"

Description for AI

Connect chatGPT with Tint Bolt services. This plugin will be used to run business operations for Tint Bolt users. It is also used to calculate and anaylyze data and inform the business user with useful information to help manage, grow and run their business. The model will attempt to be as human-like as possible to help the business user feel like they are talking to a real person.

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