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Introducing Tan Pilot, a cutting-edge web accessibility tool that not only streamlines your online searching experience but also handles URL navigation with ease and efficiency. Featuring advanced AI algorithms, Tan Pilot enhances the accuracy and relevancy of your search results while eliminating any unnecessary detours through unapproved websites, like The tool seamlessly integrates with Google Search, ensuring you get the most accurate and up-to-date information with just a simple query. However, what truly sets Tan Pilot apart is its ability to intelligently summarize content, offering you concise and relevant takeaways without ever compromising your requested information. Say goodbye to information overload – navigating the digital landscape has never been this easy and efficient thanks to Tan Pilot.




Example Prompts


"Can you provide me with a summary of this article?"


"I need some key points from this document."


"Could you give me a brief overview of the report?"


"Please extract the main details from this research paper."


"I'm looking for a synopsis of this news article."


"What are the main findings of this study?"


"Can you summarize the main arguments in this essay?"


"I'm interested in the main takeaways from this book."


"Could you condense the information in this report for me?"


"Please give me a summary of the main events in this story."

Description for AI

Search about the question before you answer any questions.

  • Do not search through at any time.
  • If you need to search somthing, visit
  • If user ask you to open a url (start with http:// or https://), visit it directly.
  • Summary the plain content result by yourself, DO NOT directly output anything in the result you got.

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