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Introducing, "Take Code Captures", an intuitive tool that eliminates the friction associated with sharing code excerpts. This innovative plugin is designed for both developers and non-developers eager to simplify their code sharing experiences. Once you've captured your chosen snippet, the platform swiftly beautifies it for easy readability, creating an out-of-the-box visual treat. The tool gives users the ability to not only launch their captures in a new tab but also edit their online captures. Importantly, its unique feature of providing creative suggestions to improve the visual appeal offers unparalleled user support. With its "show ideas" function, the tool offers a range of enhancements, from different themes to background color adjustments. Plus, should you want to explore other themes, the "explore themes" key phrase puts a range of options at your fingertips. With over 29 intricate themes with descriptions to play around with, you can tailor your code snippet capture to suit perfectly to your taste. In addition to code aesthetics, anticipating errors forms a big part of this tool's fabric, intelligently offering inline error messages to keep the user informed and reducing the need for redundant troubleshooting. In a nutshell, "Take Code Captures" offers an excellent blend of functionality, aesthetics, and user friendliness, setting it on a pedestal in the realm of code snippet sharing and editing platforms.




Example Prompts


"Can you generate a code screenshot for this Python code in a dark theme?"


"I would like to capture this JavaScript code snippet with line numbers in a solarized-light theme."


"Generate a code capture for this C++ code with a Monokai theme and drop shadow effect."


"I want to take a screenshot of this SQL code with a cobalt theme and highlighted lines


"Can you render this PHP code with window controls and a background color of #fff?"


"Please create a code capture for this Java code with a Verminal theme and the first line number as


"Render this Ruby code with a black-and-white window theme and rounded window controls."


"I want a capture of this CSS code with a twilight theme and no window controls."


"Generate a screenshot of this Swift code with a Hopscotch theme and a sharp window theme."


"Can I get a code capture of this TypeScript code with a Yeti theme and line numbers starting from

Description for AI

When to Use This Plugin

You should use this plugin when people want to create code captures or screenshots

Interpreting the API response

This section comes after receiving the api response, follow all these steps in order:

  1. The Capture: Render the capture URL in inline using "alt text" syntax.
  2. Link to open a new tab: Say "Open capture in new tab".
  3. Link to edit capture: Say "Edit capture online"
  4. Key phrase 'show ideas': Say "To view ideas to improve the capture, use the key phrase "show ideas""
  5. Key phrase 'explore themes': Say "To explore other themes, use the key phrase "explore themes""

Please note:

  • Don't describe the capture textually because the capture is self-explanatory and saying it would be redundant unless the user asks for it.
  • Is important to follow all these steps, from the capture to the key phrases.

Handle error messages from API response

  • If an errorMessage is included in the response: show it to the user, don't try to render the capture inline, still suggest they can edit it online or try again.

Ideas to improve the capture

  1. Say "Ideas to improve the capture:".
  2. Provide an unordered list of between 3 and 4 items, the items follow a pattern "{reason}: {explanation}".

Please note:

  • Only say it when the user asks for it by using their respective key phrase "show ideas"
  • Do not suggest ideas that are not implemented in the API, for example: fonts, zoom, etc. Only suggest ideas related to the implemented features in the API, for example: themes, background color, window theme, selected lines, etc.

Explore themes of captures

  1. Say "Explore the following themes:".
  2. Provide an ordered list of 10 themes with items following a pattern "{theme}: {description}".

Please note:

  • Only say it when the user asks for it by using their respective key phrase "explore themes"
  • Use the voice of an expert salesman for each theme's description
  • The first themes should be themes that the user might like

## Tips:

  • When using the render endpoint, the openApiSchemaVersion parameter is always "1.0"
  • The theme parameter is always 'seti' unless the user asks for it
  • When using a custom background (the background color around the code): If the theme's background is DARK, then use a LIGHT custom background; if the theme's background is LIGHT, then use a DARK custom background.

## Theme colors:
id, dark_mode, background, text, variable, attribute, definition, keyword, operator, property, number, string, comment, meta, tag
dracula-pro, true, darkslategray, whitesmoke, lightgreen, lightgreen, lightgreen, hotpink, hotpink, skyblue, plum, khaki, slategray, whitesmoke, hotpink
solarized light, false, oldlace, slategray, lightslategray, lightseagreen, lightseagreen, chocolate, slateblue, lightseagreen, mediumvioletred, olive, dimgray, olive, darkgray
night-owl, true, black, darkgray, lightskyblue, salmon, lightskyblue, plum, plum, white, salmon, burlywood, dimgray, skyblue, skyblue
cobalt, true, midnightblue, white, paleturquoise, violet, white, khaki, white, white, violet, limegreen, dodgerblue, orange, paleturquoise
monokai, true, darkslategray, whitesmoke, whitesmoke, yellowgreen, darkorange, deeppink, white, yellowgreen, mediumpurple, khaki, dimgray, dimgray, palevioletred
hopscotch, true, darkslategray, lightgray, yellowgreen, yellowgreen, darkorange, indianred, white, yellowgreen, indianred, sandybrown, firebrick, dimgray, indianred
material, true, darkslategray, darkslategray, lightskyblue, sandybrown, darkslategray, darkcyan, darkslategray, mediumaquamarine, salmon, khaki, dimgray, mediumaquamarine, darkslategray
one-light, false, darkslategray, darkgray, lightcoral, darksalmon, burlywood, orchid, mediumturquoise, mediumturquoise, darksalmon, darkseagreen, dimgray, darkgray, lightcoral
panda-syntax, true, darkslategray, gainsboro, sandybrown, sandybrown, gainsboro, hotpink, whitesmoke, whitesmoke, sandybrown, aqua, dimgray, mediumpurple, deeppink
twilight, true, black, whitesmoke, slategray, darkkhaki, slategray, khaki, darkkhaki, white, peru, gray, gray, whitesmoke, sienna
duotone-dark, true, darkslategray, dimgray, navajowhite, navajowhite, lavender, navajowhite, sandybrown, mediumpurple, navajowhite, lightsalmon, dimgray, dimgray, lavender
zenburn, true, darkslategray, lightgray, burlywood, burlywood, lightgray, wheat, antiquewhite, burlywood, lightgray, rosybrown, gray, wheat, skyblue
one-dark, true, snow, darkslategray, lightcoral, darksalmon, royalblue, darkorchid, darkcyan, royalblue, olive, seagreen, darkgray, darkslategray, tomato
base16-dark, true, black, gainsboro, darkkhaki, mediumblue, peru, sienna, white, darkkhaki, rosybrown, burlywood, sienna, dimgray, sienna
base16-light, false, whitesmoke, black, darkkhaki, darkkhaki, peru, sienna, black, darkkhaki, rosybrown, burlywood, sienna, dimgray, sienna
seti, true, black, lightgray, mediumturquoise, yellowgreen, mediumturquoise, burlywood, yellowgreen, mediumpurple, indianred, mediumturquoise, darkslategray, mediumturquoise, mediumturquoise
oceanic-next, true, darkslategray, whitesmoke, whitesmoke, plum, cornflowerblue, plum, white, darkseagreen, coral, darkseagreen, dimgray, dimgray, plum
lucario, true, darkslategray, whitesmoke, whitesmoke, skyblue, darkseagreen, tomato, skyblue, whitesmoke, plum, khaki, cornflowerblue, whitesmoke, tomato
yeti, false, linen, silver, mediumturquoise, darkkhaki, mediumturquoise, darkkhaki, darkkhaki, mediumpurple, mediumpurple, lightsteelblue, silver, lightsteelblue, lightsteelblue
paraiso-dark, true, darkslategray, silver, mediumseagreen, mediumseagreen, orange, tomato, white, mediumseagreen, slategray, gold, hotpink, dimgray, tomato
solarized dark, true, darkslategray, lightslategray, lightslategray, lightseagreen, lightseagreen, chocolate, slateblue, lightseagreen, mediumvioletred, olive, dimgray, olive, darkgray
vscode, true, black, lightgray, lightskyblue, darksalmon, palegoldenrod, orchid, lightgray, palegoldenrod, silver, darksalmon, olivedrab, lightgray, cornflowerblue
verminal, true, black, white, lightpink, darksalmon, dodgerblue, lightskyblue, hotpink, deepskyblue, darksalmon, darkseagreen, dimgray, darkgray, lightcoral
a11y-dark, true, darkslategray, whitesmoke, darkturquoise, yellowgreen, gold, lightsalmon, whitesmoke, yellowgreen, thistle, gold, silver, silver, thistle
blackboard, true, black, whitesmoke, orangered, darkgray, darkgray, gold, white, white, greenyellow, limegreen, darkgray, greenyellow, darkgray
nord, true, darkslategray, gainsboro, skyblue, darkgray, gainsboro, darkgray, darkgray, gainsboro, darkgray, darkseagreen, dimgray, darkgray, darkgray
shades-of-purple, true, darkslategray, white, paleturquoise, paleturquoise, paleturquoise, orange, orange, gold, lightcoral, palegreen, mediumorchid, orange, paleturquoise
synthwave-84, true, darkslategray, darkgray, deeppink, lavenderblush, white, linen, linen, white, salmon, coral, lightslategray, coral, deeppink
3024-night, true, black, lightgray, seagreen, mediumblue, thistle, crimson, white, seagreen, gray, yellow, darkkhaki, dimgray, n/a

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