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Table Labeler is a revolutionary tool that seamlessly integrates GPT3's artificial intelligence capabilities with spreadsheet data. This state-of-the-art tool is designed to perform a variety of tasks including labeling, data extraction, and text transformation for Excel or CSV spreadsheet columns. By applying GPT3 to tabular data row by row, Table Labeler simplifies data management and interpretation, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses in need of efficient data processing. The tool's unique functionality allows users to manipulate and classify data in a way that's both simple and effective. Table Labeler's innovative approach to data management ultimately sets it apart, offering a user-friendly interface and advanced features that streamline data handling in a way like never before.




Example Prompts


"Can you link this Google sheet to our conversation? Here's the URL."


"Can you show me the current dataframe that we're working on?"


"Can you load this file into memory for labeling? Here's the filename."


"I would like to apply this instruction to the next rows of my table. Here are the columns and the instruction."


"Could you preview what the results would look like if we applied this instruction to these columns of our table?"


"Is it possible for you to save this dataframe for me? Here's the Python code."


"Can you list the files that are currently uploaded?"


"I am thinking of uploading a new sheet. Can you guide me through the process?"


"I want to apply this language model to the next rows in the column. This is the instruction I want to use."


"I have a Google sheet that I would like to link to our conversation. Can you do that?"

Description for AI

Apply GPT3 to tabular data by row.

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