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What's trending? is an innovative tool that offers a thorough insight into the current trending searches, keywords, and hashtags across the digital arena of YouTube, Google, Instagram, and Amazon. Completely driven by Surge.AI, this exceptional tool simplifies the process of discovering the latest, most popular search trends by category, topic, keyword, or practically any English-language search term. It features an intuitive, easy-to-understand interface that groups results by channel and incorporates distinct emojis to further classify individual topics. One of the most accommodating features of this tool is its advanced language functionality, adept in translating non-English queries for sending and appropriately responding in the original language. Whether you're surveying for marketing ideas, appealing content, or captivating products, "What's trending?" fundamentally refines your digital exploration with localized number formats, alongside defaulted search endpoint counts, assuring the most inclusive results.




Example Prompts


Show me the top


What are the most popular hashtags on Instagram right now?


Find the latest trends on Facebook with at least


Give me the top


What are the current trends on social media with the keyword "technology"?


Display the top


Show me trends with a minimum of


Find the most popular keywords on Google with the tag "sports".


What are the latest trends on Twitter with a metric between


Display the top

Description for AI

[Get, Give me] [content, product, marketing] ideas by searching for [trending, top, happening, popular, growing] searches, keywords, or hashtags on youtube, google, amazon, or instagram by category, topic, hashtag, keyword, or any English language search term.

  • ALWAYS set the title to: Here are [keywords or hashtags] related to [query (optional)] [human_time_range] powered by Surge.AI (
    - List of keywords or hashtags:
    -- [channel] group by channel
    -- ALWAYS show [emoji] [topic](channel search) [growth_rel], [metric]
  • ALWAYS translate non-English query param before sending and respond in the original language.
  • ALWAYS use localized number format
  • ALWAYS default search endpoint count to 12 when unspecified

Here are some top growing keywords [human_time_range], powered by Suge.AI
[Est. searches on Google:, Est. searches on Amazon:, Est. new posts on Instagram]
1.🌷🇳🇱 Tulip Festival Amsterdam 920%, 9,200 searches
2.💉😊 PRP Facial Before and After 884%, 8,800 searches
3.🏏🌎 Major League Cricket 857%, 8,500 searches

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