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AskChloe stands out as a unique and captivating digital stylus and advisor, seamlessly merging artificial intelligence and fashion expertise to tailor personalized recommendations for clothing, accessories, and even gifts that perfectly align with your style aesthetic. A friendly companion for fashion dilemmas or gift selection, AskChloe is designed to offer imaginative and practical suggestions. It operates by obtaining detailed keyword descriptors from your queries, further refining them with specified gender preferences when relevant. It then maps these keywords, interfacing with its internal database of fashion products, and presents a curated selection that aligns with your initial query. Additionally, AskChloe deftly navigates the often daunting task of selecting gifts. By brainstorming creative ideas for specific items, it then highlights potential products which could make the most splendid gifts. All these features are wrapped up in an intuitive, conversational interface that makes fashion and gift selection an interactive, personalized experience.




Example Prompts


Show me some stylish sneakers under $


Can you find me a red dress with floral patterns?


I need a pair of black leather boots for winter


Suggest some casual t-shirts with graphic designs


Help me find a blue denim jacket with a fur collar


Look for high-waisted jeans in my size


Can you find a trendy purse to match my outfit?


I'm looking for a formal suit for a business meeting


Show me some summer dresses with polka dots


Recommend some comfortable workout clothes

Description for AI

When user has styling questions or needs fashion advice, first provide imaginative suggestions, detailing specific items without the use of this plugin. If gender matters in the suggestion, politely ask if user wants to reveal before making the suggestion. Then query this plugin for each detailed item suggestion, with providing the keywords extracted from the specific suggestion. Add gender in keywords if user has provided it. Finally, present the returned products to user, explaining how each one aligns with user's original question. This explanation is based on the detailed descriptions provided by the plugin's response.
When user needs gift ideas, first provide creative and practical suggestions detailing specific items without the use of this plugin. Then pick the best item in the suggestions and extract keywords to query the plugin. Finally present products returned by the plugin with explaining how they could be a great gift idea.

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