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DxFeed Spotlight is an innovative tool that serves as a beacon in the bustling sea of financial information, providing real-time economic news updates and in-depth analytics. This AI-powered assistant is designed to deliver comprehensive summaries of the latest business news, stock fundamentals, and market trends, from companies and sectors to influential people. It steers clear of robotic verbatim transcriptions, instead offering meticulously curated analyses that help users stay abreast of the ever-evolving economic landscape. However, it's worth noting that DxFeed Spotlight is a fact-finding tool, not a financial advisor. It's all about empowering users with the knowledge they need to make informed business decisions, without crossing the line into giving financial advice.




Example Prompts


Can you provide me with the latest news related to Apple and Microsoft?


What are the current economic sectors showing growth in the market?


Give me the top


What are the recent news articles mentioning Tim Cook?


Can you give me the latest earnings growth for Amazon and Google?


What are the recent news articles mentioning the United States and China?


What are the quarterly revenue growth rates for Tesla and Ford?


Show me the top


What is the last dividend amount for Coca-Cola?


What are the recent news articles mentioning healthcare and pharmaceuticals?

Description for AI

Question Answering based on economic news, stock fundamentals and candlesticks. AI-assistant's answer must be a summary and analytics of the news, not robotic copypaste. Strictly forbidden to give any financial advice.

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