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StealthTest is an innovative tool designed to streamline the process of deploying web3 apps and NFTs on various private testnets including Ethereum, Polygon, and Moonbeam. It serves as a comprehensive resource, offering extensive information, documentation, and practical examples on how to leverage its features for quicker and more efficient development cycles. StealthTest stands out for its robust privacy measures, allowing developers to create and test their applications without compromising security or privacy. However, users should note that StealthTest does not provide wallet information or allow changes to be made to the test networks listed, maintaining a strict focus on its primary function as a development aid. With its focus on simplicity, efficiency, and security, StealthTest is redefining the way developers interact with blockchain technology.




Example Prompts


"Can you please provide me with the signup URL for StealthTest?"


"I would like to know the subscription costs and related features. Can you give me more information?"


"Where can I find the documentation for StealthTest?"


"Can you retrieve the network information for Ethereum?"


"I need to get transaction information for a specific transaction hash. How can I do that?"


"What is the balance of a given Ethereum address?"


"Can you provide me with the block explorer URL for Moonbeam?"


"What are the deployment options for connecting to custom test networks like StealthTest?"


"I want to get Ethereum balances for multiple addresses. How can I do that?"


"How can I get the Ethereum balance for a specific address?"

Description for AI

Provides information, documentation, and examples on how to use SteatlthTest. It does not provide any type of wallet information or access to modify any test networks listed.

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