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Harnessing the power of financial data is now at your fingertips with Statis Fund Finance - a versatile tool designed specifically for equities analysis. This sophisticated instrument offers a robust suite of features to divine insights, including the ability to pull real-time price quotes from Yahoo Finance. With just a ticker symbol, detailed historical data spanning your specified start and end dates are readily available at a moment's notice. Statis Fund Finance isn't just a historical data repository, though. It further allows you to delve into a stock's behaviour through the computation of specific parameters such as moving averages, trading volume, and the Relative Strength Index (RSI), all adjustable via user-defined intervals. Whether you're looking to assess volatility, calculate price changes, or even generate Bollinger Bands, this tool handily centralizes these capabilities within a single interface. Through its powerful functionality, Statis Fund Finance empowers you to navigate the complex world of stocks with knowledge, precision, and confidence.




Example Prompts


"Can you give me the historical market data for Apple Inc. from January


"What's the moving average of Tesla's stock over the past


"Can you calculate the Relative Strength Index for Microsoft over a period of


"What was the trading volume of Amazon's stock from the start of


"Could you fetch the volatility for Alphabet Inc. for the last year?"


"I need the price change for Facebook's stock over the last


"Can you calculate the Bollinger Bands for Netflix's stock over the past month?"


"I would like to see the historical data for IBM's stock for the last week. Can you fetch that for me?"


"What's the moving average for Intel's shares for the last


"Can you get me the Relative Strength Index for Walmart's stock from January

Description for AI

Financial data tool for retrieving financial data from Yahoo Finance. It can fetch historical data, calculate moving averages, compute Relative Strength Index (RSI), get trading volume, calculate volatility, compute price changes, and generate Bollinger Bands for a given stock ticker. Parameters such as start date, end date, and interval can be adjusted for each operation. The ticker symbol is required for all operations.

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