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Meet SSENSE, an innovative plugin that revolutionizes the online shopping experience for luxury and lifestyle brands. Designed to offer personalized recommendations from over 500 high-end brands, the plugin harnesses AI technology to sift through the extensive inventory of the illustrious fashion e-commerce store, SSENSE. The defining feature of this tool is its ability to curate product selections based on user-provided conversational descriptions. Simply put, the plugin finds clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products that precisely align with your described style and shopping intent. This groundbreaking tool provides an unparalleled, bespoke shopping experience, tailored entirely to individual tastes and needs. However, it's not just about delivering a personalized service, the SSENSE plugin brings some zing into an often-monotonous task, making the hunt for the perfect product a breeze and online shopping an utterly enjoyable affair. With SSENSE, shopping becomes less about scrolling through endless pages and more about discovering styles that you truly gravitate towards. It's a tool that reimagines the way we shop, promising an enhanced, catered, and effortless e-shopping experience.




Example Prompts


I need an outfit for a summer wedding. I'm a woman and I want to wear a dress with a floral pattern and some stylish heels.


I'm looking for some cool sneakers for casual wear. I'm a man and I like brands like Adidas and Nike.


Can you recommend some winter coats for women? I prefer long coats with a belt and a faux fur collar.


I want to buy a new pair of jeans for men. I like slim fit jeans and I'm interested in trying out some sustainable brands.


I need a new workout outfit for women. Can you suggest some activewear like leggings and sports bras in bright colors?

Description for AI

Plugin for getting product recommendations from the luxury fashion e-commerce store SSENSE based on a conversational description of what the user wants to buy or search for.

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