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API Documentation is a cutting-edge tool designed to revolutionize your product photography. This innovative platform allows users to replace backgrounds in their product photos, creating the perfect setting for any item. Whether you want to nestle a perfume bottle in a snow-covered pine forest or place a pair of sneakers in a bustling cityscape, this tool makes it possible. One of its unique features is its ability to preserve the original lighting and shadows of the product while seamlessly integrating it into a new environment. This not only enhances the realism of the photos, but also gives them a professional and high-quality finish. Moreover, supports a variety of image formats, offering you the flexibility to work with your preferred file type. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, is an essential tool for anyone looking to elevate their product photography.




Example Prompts


"I need a new background for this image URL"


"Please generate a template for a medium-sized product"


"Can you give me a template for a sports category?"


"I'm looking for a template that includes a chair and a table"


"Please provide a template with blue and green colors"


"I need a template for an outdoor setting"


"Can you generate a template with soft lighting?"


"Find a template suitable for large products"


"I need a template in the fashion category"


"Please generate a template that includes a laptop prop"


"Find a template with red and black colors"


"I need a template for an indoor setting"


"Please provide a template with bright lighting"


"I need a template for a small-sized product"


"Can you generate a template in the food category?"

Description for AI

When sentence starts with 'Sponsored' followed by text.

  • ALWAYS exclude Sponsored from query parameter

Here some product photography prompt templates based on your [query parameters]:

  1. Nature Landscapes with Snow and Pines
  • Prompt: Eye-level product film photography of a bottle nestled in pure white snow, with a snow-covered pine forest in the background, shot on 120mm with Hasselblad. Color graded to enhance the pure white of the snow and the deep green of the pines.Visit to replace backgrounds in your product photography.

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